2017 Mini Outlaw Racing


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July 11 was one hot and humid day. Luckily, as the racing heated up, the temperature cooled a bit.

Shelby Gee and Skye Giles continue to entertain us as they learn how to race at the beginner level.
Before I dip into the Box Stock results I will review how we have been reporting them in 2017. Each of the nights 3 races per division have points awarded to them. While the feature race is weighted a bit heavier, it is the combination that goes towards the year end series awards. However, in the interest of spreading around the win stickers, the ribbons for the nights racing goes to the top three in the feature.
The difference is the driver who wins the feature race, may not have done that well in other races. He/she would get the win sticker but several other drivers could get more points towards the championship.

Boxstock feature win went to Rayse Meyer, followed closely by Ashton VanEvery and Paige Smith. Top points went to Ashton while Rayse and Allison Jackson tied for second in points and in fact, Aubry Smith scored higher in points then her sister Paige. This series is going to finish very close.

Rookie Warren Heckford has been pondering whether the Open karts had enough of an adrenaline rush for him and was leaning back towards motocross riding. The discussion is rather mute at this point. Warren went for a dirt bike ride in the woods and had a little crash, resulting in a broken leg. He is out of both sports for the summer. Personally, I think the karts are plenty exciting and I need to be at work in the morning so I will take the protective cage and seat belts for when the big crash is my turn, Thank you very much.
Back to the racing, the house karts seemed to have a handle on the track this week and finished up 1,2,3. More importantly, is the quality of racing I am seeing in this group. We have three young drivers who only have 6 races under their belts and you would never know it. Driving fast and consistent, they are racing two wide without issue. Nick Sheridan already has a win under his belt. I don’t think John Jackson Jr is far off one of his own. Tom Pellizzari has been struggling with engines but will eventually get it as will his dad, ken. John Smibert, Scott Hall and Austin Roes can win any given night. Even Brent Smith might win sometime. LOL. This is a good year for the Open class.


It’s all business when he is on the track but this weeks Open winner, Scott Chesterman spends most of his time race day building the track surface and working on other racers karts to keep them on the track.

Cage Kart Racing Report

Coyote Speedway racing came to life with sunny weather and near perfect track conditions this week.
Watching Shelby Gee of Woodstock and Skye Giles of Aylmer race in the Beginners is priceless. Skye likes to stop to get some encouragement from the starter stand each lap and then zooms off to do it again next time around. Shelby is starting to get some confidence passing her new friend and collected another win as a result. This is where the fun starts folks.
The Box Stocks are up front about trying to win with more experience trying to do so. Little Aubry Smith looked like she had the feature race won this week but her sister, Paige was the spoiler with only a lap or two to go. Rayse Meyer won the sprint but was unable to repeat it, settling for a 2nd and a 3rd behind the Smith sisters. Morgan Schuts is moving up with a 4th overall. Allison Jackson is looking very competitive but some kart damage took her out early while Ashton VanEvery was plagued with clutch issues. This group has some good racing and with 9 entries this week, the action was awesome.
In the Opens, we announced something we had been kicking around for a while. $100 for winning the feature each week. That meant we had some back pay for Austin Roes and Scott Hall for wins earlier in the season. Even with a few drivers missing, there were 11 entries prepared to try for the $100 this week. Qualifying time win went to Scott Chesterman with a 9.6 sec. but oddly enough, 2nd through 5th ran almost identical times at 9.8 each. Scott pulled the 8 pin for the invert in the final which resulted in John Jackson and John Smibert starting front row later in the night. The split heats were delayed with a defective battery backup system on the scoring computer, but once going the wins went to John Jackson Jr (Port Stanley) and Nick Sheridan (Mt Brydges). When we lined up for the final, the track did not have a favoured line meaning you could run high, low or mid lines and they were all about the same lap times. You know that set up some great racing and by race end, not a single car retired early from damage. We ran half the feature before a caution came out and despite a couple spinouts, race action continued almost caution free. I am not sure if it was the thought of winning $100 or if it was just Nick Sheridan’s night but he not only managed to pass half the field to get to the front, he managed to avoid any self-inflicted delays. A couple late race restarts and a green, white checker finish did not affect the outcome proving Sheridan has figured out restarts using the clutch. Brent Smith tried his best to move from 2ndto 1st but had to settle for the number 2 spot. He was hounded by Dave and Scott Chesterman running 3rd and 4th. Feature finishes and points for the night do not always line up. They did for Sheridan and Smith but 3rd in points went to John Jackson Jr.
The next race at Coyote will be Friday July 28 where the Box Stocks will race for $100 win and the Opens will battle for the $500 win. Before that, we have two weeks of racing at Chesterman’s Indoor track.


Three Weeks in One for Tillsonburg Outlaws

June 13, 20 and 27 race Reports
It’s not often I have to sum up three weeks of racing in one newsletter but here goes.
We have three Feature winners per night and this report covers three nights. Simple math says I will be dealing with nine names. We all know that usually the same person wins every week in any division so that would never happen. That might be true at some tracks but in Tillsonburg, well, we just destroyed that myth.
In the Beginners, Allison Jackson made her final appearance and scored a perfect night on the 13th. I guess that is her lucky number (31 reversed). You can cheer her on in the Box Stock division now. Her departure opened the door for little Shelby Gee to take her first win on the 20th. Zack Stewart made his presence felt on the 27th with a triple win. A shout out for the potential Beginners hiding in the bushes. This is a very young group and would be a great time to add your 5 or 6-year-old into the class. These kids develop quickly so don’t let the grass grow under your feet. As luck would have it, we have a very nice Beginner kart needing a new driver. Just Sayin.
A similar story unfolded in the Box Stocks. Paige Smith took the win on the 13that Coyote Raceway. When we returned indoors, Ashton VanEvery stepped up for his first feature win ever in the division. Ashton couldn’t repeat on the 27thas Rayse Meyer was in a groove and took one heat and the feature win. Will we see a fourth winner next week? Come to find out.
On the 13th at Coyote, it was Austin Roes taking his first ever Open feature win. We headed back indoors and it was Scott Hall who had the track figured out taking the feature. Holly Porter has seen the checkered flag a time or two but that fact it took her six weeks of racing to repeat it says a lot. Holly has not slowed down but rather the field is full of honest, could win any night competitors. We still have a few names in this group that I know will win before years end. To date, we have had 16 Opens compete with 14 of them following the series. There is nobody that can take a win for granted in this division.
Next race is Outdoors, July 4. See you there.

Rained out June 6th

It took 11 years but we finally were rained out and unable to race.
Somehow the track never got rain all day, yet all the towns around got poured on. We figured we were fine. About 5:30 pm, an unexpected cloud burst hit the track. It went through, making us scramble to scrap off the wet dirt but we still thought we were okay. By 7:30 pm we had the track ready to go. Wouldn't you know it, several mist rains fell and we called it a night.
Thanks to the racers, spectators and fans who hung in there with us. Some of the kids put in some laps and the track actually came in pretty good. We had a good visit and nothing got broken.
Regardless, we will try this again at Coyote Raceway, June 13 2017. If you paid for participation for the cancelled race, your entries will go towards the next race you attend, hopefully, June 13 2017.


Tillsonburg Outlaws Sprint Kart Racing club.

Our first outdoor race of the year was a nail biter as we waited to see if Mother Nature was helping us out with rain or cancelling us out. More than predicted rain fell but was followed by some nice sunshine. We had to be extra careful not to mark up the property of our hosts but it turned out to be some of the best conditions we have had, to date. Thank you, Kathy and Ken, for putting up with us. Wayne Stainton made a return to the starter stand so that Jac Sheridan could have the night off to destroy a Crate Stock. (that’s another story).
The Beginners welcomed Carter Priem into their group and he got faster each time he hit the track. Allison Jackson, #31 again took the top spot followed by Zak Stewart, #27 with new comer Carter taking 3rd.
The Box Stock division saw Chase Cameron, # 81 run his Shorty up to third in the group of eight. Paige Smith, #14 won the feature but Rayse Meyer, #93 took home the most points for the night with 2 wins and a second. Out for the first time were Morgan Schutz and Gerrard Nock.

The Opens started their night with Time Trials. Holly Porter and Scott Chesterman were no real surprise to see up top but look at this. Rookie’s Warren Heckford and Nick Sheridan went third and fourth quick. We split the rookies up for the heats with half starting at the rear of either group. Syd Hess, # 69 won heat A, while Scott Chesterman, #34 won Heat B. The stage was set for a great 25 lap feature race using the time trials as the starting order. Fastest to the front which usual results in the least chaos. Well, until the outside pole kart loses power going past the starter stand to complete lap 1. That stacked the group up not unlike what happens on the 401 when somebody unexpectedly slows and a chain reaction follows. Unfortunely the field dropped by 3 as Syd Hess, Nick Sheridan and myself, Dave Chesterman had to exit from resulting damage. That allowed me to watch the race from a different prospective. After 15 laps, I was noticing John Jackson Jr, #31 and Warren Heckford, #18 were running very good for rookies. Heckford was very fast and stayed with the leaders which I doubted was possible. About 5 more laps and he started to look tired and soon after was last seen leaving the track about 5 ft. in the air. It was quite a show and he climbed out with a big smile. Ken Pellizzari had his best finish ever with a 5th. John Jackson Jr ran well finishing 4th and his fast lap quicker than 3rd place Scott Hall, #55s. Simply pulling faster lap times than the rest of the field, Scott Chesterman and Holly Porter took the top two spots.
Home racing takes a break for a couple weeks while the Opens make the big trip to THE spring Millbridge NC race.

Ontario racing resumes on June 6 2017 at Coyote Raceway.

may 16 92


May 9 2017 Race

The season got underway in fine fashion but lets first update everyone on Joe. The planets lined up just right to put our push quad assistant on the track needing medical assistance. We are lucky to have in house Paramedic and several Fire Fighters. Just in case, we kept Joe stationary until transportation arrived. Cutting right to the end of the story, Joe was cleared and home before most of the racers and besides being sore and having cracked his collar bone, he is good to go. Hopefully that gets this type of excitement out of the way for the whole season.

Back to the racing. I would like to welcome new Beginner racers Allison Jackson, Skye Giles and Shelby Gee to the club. It sure is fun to see 5 and 6 year old’s progress from putting around the track at a snail’s pace to racing with other racers in only a couple weeks. Returning beginner Zack Stewart won the Sprint but Allison Jackson figured out how to get to the front in the next two. She took the overall in her first night out.

The Box Stock division did not see everyone out this week. Let’s get those karts on the track, instead of sitting in the garage. We have a few used karts as well if any teams know of some potential drivers. As it stands, the Championship is up for grabs in this division. Rayse Meyer set fast lap in the Sprint and first feature but had to sit out the main. I have stated all winter that Paige Smith could be the Champ this year and she made me look Physic by winning the overall and 35 lap feature. Having said that, the spoiler could well be her younger sister, Aubry who led most of the Main and cut through traffic better than Paige several times. She also won the Sprint. Rayse won the middle race. It is still early and Ashton VanEvery and Keiran MacDonald are just adjusting to the extra power and in a week or two, the wins could go to anyone.

The Open division has the biggest increase in Kart count this year. This means a bunch of new drivers and new body work. We had a goal. Don’t scare the new racers as they get up to speed and not to have a bunch of wreckage. We split the group into a Rookie half and an Old Geezer half. It worked and there was close to zero carnage in either group. Of coarse, it had to be my new wing panel that got a little bend. LOL I don’t even remember touching another kart so not sure when that happened. The Rookie half of the group really didn’t look like Rookies and they were no more off the pace than I am on any given night. That bodes well for the group as we start to merge them into the bigger group. John Jackson Junior won both races with Nick Sheridan and Austin Roes each taking a 2nd. Tom Pellizzari and Warren Heckford each grabbed a 3rd. That’s a good mix.

In the Old Geezer group, it was youngsters John Smibert and Scott Hall going 1-2 in the first race. The feature race had 5 laps added to compensate for the shortened first race and had it not been for that, Brent Smith would have grabbed the first feature of the year but fell 6” short on the last lap. Considering he melted his motor 3 days earlier, that’s a pretty good result with the same engine. Holly Porter had to settle for third. When you factor in the new point system that awards drivers for completing laps, we ended up with what might be considered almost a tie from 2nd to 8th. Only 13 points separate them. The Championship win is going to take some consistency this year with a big points drop resulting from a DNS or a DNF. Keep up the good work.

That’s all for this week.

Next race at Coyote Raceway, May 16, 2017


2017 Outlaw Karts kick off newsletter.

I know we have been quieter than usual but lots of positive changes are slowing down our usual club updates. They include:

  1. Our Facebook page was started by a member years ago, and he is getting tired of the notifications he is receiving now that he no longer races and Facebook seems unable to remove him as an administrator. We are still struggling with not deleting the site to solve the problem but that may be the final solution meaning we start from scratch with another Facebook page.
  2. Our Chesterman’s website provider decided it was time to update the platform used and I am struggling with the new editing procedure so that too is not current.
  3. The best challenge is the zoning process we are involved in to get an outdoor track built. I was hoping to have approval complete by now but it is dragging on. With some luck, the new track could still be usable by June. The process is in motion and Town Council has approved the lease but the zoning process includes time allowance for public comments. So, what does this all mean to members? Mostly just that information has not been flowing out as much as normal. The season is shaping up regardless. We will again race in three divisions that worked well last year. Beginner, Box Stock and Open.We will use the Indoor track until a new outdoor track is ready. Coyote Raceway will continue to be a monthly location. That means members will have a three track season this year. The Series will have one championship per division. Drivers will have two nights dropped over the season to accommodate either conflicting schedules or “bad nights”.Other housekeeping items include the elimination of the annual membership fee in favour of it being part of the nightly entry fee. 2017 will also see a slight change in who gets the “win” sticker each week. The season points will be calculated the same as prior years but the “win sticker” will go to the “feature” winner. I know of several drivers who are qualified to have increased power this season as a result of moving up from Beginner, or becoming 11 this season or gaining weight. Since we run a “sealed” engine program in the kids classes, these changes cannot be done at home. Get them to us early before the season starts. The Open Division has the MillBridge road trip that will sneak up quickly once our season starts. The two day event is May 23,24 2017 and should be the biggest race of the year with over $30,000 up for grabs. I doubt I will get my hands on much of that but it does attract a lot of racers from all parts of the Continent.Getting a chance to battle with 100 karts should prove exciting to say the least.Kind of a rambling newsletter but that’s what we have for you at this time.Seven weeks and our season starts. Are you ready?