2014 Polaris Industries 800 RUSH® Pro-R LE ES Gloss White Retro


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800 RUSH® Pro-R LE ES Gloss White Retro


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2014 Polaris Rush 800 Pro-R ES - Snowcheck Limited Build Retro White

Two owner machine originally purchased from us. This model came with painted spindles, rails, bar riser, aluminum handlebars and rebound adjustable front shocks.

140 Hours / 4821 miles
Electric Start & Reverse
* Price shown excludes HST & License.

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Key Features
  • The 2014 RUSH Pro-R is the ultimate trail machine, combining the strong, lightweight and easy to maneuver PRO-RIDE Chassis with a powerful Cleanfire® engine.
  • PRO-RIDE Progressive Rate Rear Suspension: Polaris engineers proved that innovation can trump tradition when they developed the PRO-RIDE Progressive Rate Rear Suspension with the shock outside the skid frame. The first truly progressive-rate suspension, it offers tremendous resistance to bottoming and virtually eliminates spine-tinglers. It’s an uncoupled rail with outstanding weight transfer and it makes every ride more fun.
  • PRO-RIDE Chassis: The proven PRO-RIDE Chassis is 300% stiffer for intuitive, precise trail handling. It makes the RUSH Pro-R a nimble sled that delivers dominating performance on tight or rough trails.
  • 800 Cleanfire® Engine: In the lightweight, nimble 800 RUSH Pro-R model, the 800 Cleanfire® engine delivers best-in-class acceleration and throttle response. This liquid-cooled Cleanfire® engine has semi-direct injection (SDI) so it starts easily and reliably, calibrates automatically as temperature and elevation change, and delivers impressive fuel economy in real-world, up-tempo trail riding.
  • Walker Evans® Needle Shocks: Riders can dial in their preferred performance settings as these shocks have 16-position compression adjusters and remote reservoirs to offer the best in tunability and fade-proof performance. The unique needle design uses hydraulic force at the end of the stroke to eliminate harsh bottoming.
  • Race-Proven Front Suspension: The unbeatable combination of PRO-RIDE™ steering and the patented variable caster design eliminates bump steer and delivers lighter steering and sharper cornering. This race-proven front end delivers significantly enhanced handling with flatter, more precise cornering and 20% less steering effort.
  • Rider Active Control: On the RUSH® Pro-R, the rider and sled move as one, and the rider is in control, not the terrain. A rider’s body input controls the sled to a great extent, easily and intuitively. Slide back on the seat for serious weight transfer, or slide forward to set the front end for cornering with maximum bite.
  • Pro-Steer Ski: The Pro-Steer™ Ski features a precision-shaped keel and shortened skag for reduced steering effort. Ribs atop the ski increase torsional stiffness and enhance steering precision. Bosses atop the ribs provide traction when a rider steps on the ski in deep snow.
  • Lightweight Rotor & Jackshaft: The reduced rotating mass optimizes the power deliver and acceleration.
  • Pro-Ride Adventure Seat: The wider surface where a rider plants for seated riding provides enhanced comfort, keeping a rider fresher longer. The seat is shaped to allow easy transitions between seated and standing riding.
  • One-Piece Handlebar: The one-piece handlebar is strong and durable and provides outstanding steering leverage. It enhances ergonomics with full-length grips, and the heater elements extend to the bar ends.
  • Right Hand Controls: Controls are located conveniently in the throttle block, while the kill switch perch is independent and can be positioned as a rider prefers for easiest access.
  • Lightweight Silencer: The lightweight silencer produces an appealing, high-performance exhaust note and minimizes weight.
Model Features
  • PRO-RIDE™ IFS with Walker Evans® Piggyback Compression-Adjustable Shocks and 9"/22.9cm of travel
  • Pro-Steer skis
  • PRO-RIDE Rear Suspension with Walker Evans® Piggyback Compression-Adjustable front track shock, Walker Evans® Compression-Adjustable rear track shock and 14"/35cm of travel
  • 15" x 121" x 1.25" RipSaw track
  • Phantom Hydraulic Disc Brake with lightweight disc
  • PRO-RIDE Adventure Seat
  • The handlebar is mounted on a fixed 4.5" (115mm) riser and has integrated handlebar hooks and adjustable hand & thumb warmers
  • PERC® Reverse
  • Fuel capacity is 11 gal./41.6 liters
  • Digital MFD (multi-function display) with speedo, tach, fuel gauge, Temp/Low Oil Light
  • Mid-height clear windshield
  • Polaris Liberty liquid-cooled 800 twin with Cleanfire Injection
  • P-85 drive clutch and TEAM Lightweight driven clutch
  • White body panels with Pro-R graphics
  • Estimated Dry Weight (lb./kg): 464 / 211
  • Overall Length (in./cm): 108 / 274
  • Overall Width (in./cm): 48 / 122
  • Overall Height (in./cm): 46 / 117
  • Ski Center Distance (in./cm): 42.5 / 108
  • Fuel Capacity (gal./L): 11 / 41.6
Engine & Drivetrain
  • Engine Type/Cooling: Liberty / Liquid
  • Cylinders-Displacement (cc): 2 - 795
  • Bore x Stroke (mm): 85 x 70
  • Ignition: Digital CDI w/ TPS, WTS, DET
  • Exhaust: SC VES, Single
  • Fuel System: Cleanfire® Injection
  • Disc Brake Type: Phantom, Hydraulic w/ LWT Disc
  • Drive System Type: N/A
  • Drive/Driven Clutch: P-85 / TEAM® LWT
  • Front Suspension: PRO-RIDE™
  • Front Travel (in./cm): 9 / 22.9
  • Front Shocks: Walker Evans® Piggyback Comp. Adj.
  • Ski Type: Pro-Steer™
  • Rear Suspension: PRO-RIDE™
  • Rear Travel (in./cm): 14 / 35
  • Front Track Shock: Walker Evans® Piggyback Comp. Adj.
  • Rear Track Shock: Walker Evans® Comp. Adj.
  • Track (W x L x H in.): 15 x 121 x 1.25 RipSaw
Standard Features and Options
  • Steering: Fixed - 4.5" (115mm) Riser
  • Electric Start: Option / Accessory
  • Reverse: PERC®
  • Speedometer: Digital MFD
  • Tachometer: Digital MFD
  • Security System: Option / Accessory
  • Fuel Gauge Type: Digital MFD
  • Temp/Low Oil Light: Digital MFD
  • 12v Outlet: Accessory
  • Handlebar Hooks: Standard Integrated Hooks
  • Hand & Thumb Warmers: Std. Adjustable
  • Mirrors: Accessory
  • Seat Type: PRO-RIDE™ Adventure
  • Rear Rack / Tow Hitch: Accessory
  • Windshield: Mid, Clear
  • Color / Graphics: Gloss White Retro
LE SnowCheck Options
  • Raw Tunnel, Red Rails
  • Windshield Options: Low Black Windshield with Hand Guards, Mid-height Smoke Windshield, Tall & Wide Smoke Windshield
  • Storage Options: Saddlebag/Trunk Bag, Handlebar Bag, Tank Bag



Engine Type
795 cc
Bore x Stroke
85 x 70 mm
Engine Cooling
Cleanfire® Injection
Digital CDI w/ TPS, WTS, DET
SC VES, Single


Brake Type
Phantom, Hydraulic w/ LWT Disc
Drive Clutch
Driven Clutch


Front Suspension
Front Travel
9 in. (22.9 cm)
Rear Suspension
Rear Travel
14 in. (35 cm)
Ski Type
Ski Stance
42.5 in. (108 cm)
Track Type
Track Dimensions
15 x 121 x 1.25 in.


Digital MFD
Digital MFD
Fuel Capacity
11 gal. (41.6 L)
Dry Weight
464 lb. (211 kg)
Mid, Clear
Gloss White Retro


Electric Start
Option / Accessory
Hand & Thumb Warmers
Std. Adjustable